2016 MLB Playoff Predictions


 Here are my predicitons for the 2016 MLB Playoffs.  I think this is the year the Cubs finally win the World Series.  I think the Astros will get it done in the American League with their good, young talent.  My #3 seed in the NL is somewhat of a surprise and I'm still not sure why I chose them, but I think the Colorado Rockies will win the NL West and will face the Mets in the Divisional Round.

I have the Dodgers winning the Wild Card Game against the Cardinals and the White Sox winning against the Red Sox.  In the divisional round, I have the Cubs over the Dodgers 3-1, the Mets over the Rockies 3-1, the Astros over the White Sox 3-2, and the Blue Jays over the Royals 3-2.  In the NL championship series I have the Cubs over the Mets 4-3, and in the AL I have the Astros over the Blue Jays 4-1.  And finally, in the World Series, my predicition is that the Cubs will defeat the Astros 4-2 and Steve Bartman, along with the rest of Cubs fans everywhere, will breathe a sigh of relief.

What do you guys think?  Will the Cubs actually win in this year or is there a team I didnt even have in the playoffs that you think will win it? Let me know in the comments.