AL East Predictions for the 2016 Season


1. Toronto Blue Jays  (91-71)
  • The Red Sox added ace David Price, and also acquired All Star closer Craig Kimbrel from the Padres and look to bounce back and take control of the East once again, right?  A lot of people seem to think Boston is going to be back on top, but I think the Blue Jays will win the division by a few games.  The Jays still have MVP Josh Donaldson and slugger Jose Bautista, two guys that would make any lineup for formidable one.   And if not for losing to the Royals in the ALCS last season, I think the Blue Jays would've went on to win the World Series.  They did lose David Price to Boston but I think they still have a decent rotation that can be carried by their lineup.
2.  Boston Red Sox  (87-75)
  • Will the Red Sox capture the East again?  I don't think they will this year but I do think they get back into the playoffs.  With Price starting games and Kimbrel coming in to close, they should be able to hang with the Blue Jays all season.
3.  New York Yankees  (82-80)
  • Some people like the Yankees to finish second in the division, or maybe even take the crown.  For some reason I just don't see them finishing above third.  If C.C. Sabathia can come back and be anything close to what he once was then maybe they could content for first place and the addition of Starlin Castro is certainly a good one, but I just don't see them making much noise.
4.  Tampa Bay Rays  (79-83)
  • Three season ago the Rays rode into the playoffs with a second place finish in the East and a wild card spot.  They won their first game against the Indians before losing to the eventual champions Red Sox.  They haven't eclipsed the .500 mark since that season and I don't think that changes this season.  If they were in another division they might have a shot at a wild card but I think there is just too much in front of them.
5.  Baltimore Orioles  (68-94)
  • Record wise the Orioles have been one of the best teams in baseball the past few years.  That being said I think they will have one of the worst records in baseball this year.  They may be better that 68-94 but I think they will get beat up by their division and also struggle somewhat outside of the East.  They were able to resign Chris Davis, but outside of him, there may not be much fire power in the liineup.
What are your thoughts on the AL East this year?
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