NL Central Predictions for the 2016 Season


1.  Chicago Cubs (100-62)
  • The Cubs have had good teams in the past, but there's something different about this team.  They are very loose and are having fun so far in Spring Training and I think that is definitely a reflection of their manager Joe Maddon.  Maddon has experience with young and talented teams with his days in Tampa, of which he almost won a World Series with.  And nothing against those Rays teams but I think this Cubs teams is worlds better.  They have young, immense talent at basically every position and they have a veteran like David Ross that can work with the young players and pitchers.  They also signed former # overall prospects Jason Heyward in the offseason.  Heyward hasn't quite lived up to the expectations he had his rookie year, but with this lineup he won't have to.  Jon Lester, another new acquisition, is still a top of the rotation pitcher and he should also work well with a guy like David Ross, whom he played with in Boston.  I know Cubs fans favorite saying is "next year", but they should start saying "this year".
2.  St Louis Cardnials (94-68)
  • I feel like St Louis is that only team in all of baseball that you can never count out every single season.  They always seem to reload each season, without ever having to rebuild.  Whether it be through free agency or their own farm system, or both.  I see this season being no exception and if it weren't for the Cubs, they would probably win the Central.
3.  Pittsburgh Pirates (87-75)
  • I think Pittsburgh may have missed there recent window at a World Series run.  They should still be a good team every year especially with Andrew McCutcheon in the lineup, but with the Cubs and Cardinals in the division I don't think they get passed 3rd place for the forseeable future.
4.  Cininnati Reds (68-94)
  • The Reds are now in complete rebuilding mode and probably are a few seasons away from competing in the division.  They will compete with the Brewers for fourth place in the Central this season.
5.  Milwaukee Brewers (64-98)
  • Not necessarily rebuilding but I don't think they will compete at all this season.
Do you think the Cubs win the division? Or the Cardinals?
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