NL East Predictions for the 2016 Season


1.  New York Mets (92-70)
  • With their pitching staff (which I think is the best in baseball),  and a very good lineup featuring Curtis Granderson at the top, and David Wright and Yoenis Cespedes in the middle,  I don't see how the Mets will not win this division which I think is somewhat weak regardless of how good the Mets are.  They basically have 3 guys on their staff who could be aces on any other team.  If they don't win the division I think it will be a majorly dissappointing season for them.
2.  Miami Marlins (87-75)
  • The Marlins are close and I only think they get better, but I think they will miss the playoffs this season by one game.  I wouldn't be surprised however if they win the division within the next few years.  Giancarlos Stanton is an MVP candidate every season, and as long as they have him they should be in contention.  Not to mention, speedster Dee Gordon will be hitting leadoff and he has eclipsed 50 stolen bases the past two seasons.  If they can add maybe one or two more decent pitchers, look out for the Marlins.
3.  Washington Nationals (83-79)
  • The Nationals were probably the most underachieving team last year.  Some had them as a shoe in for the World Series.  However, they struggled for much of the year and eventually lost the division by 7 games.  For some reason they didn't live up to the hype.  I'm not sure this season will be much different.  With the talent the Mets have and the up and coming Marlins, I think the Nationals finish 3rd.
4.  Atlanta Braves (70-92)
  • Probably the most easily recognizable rebuilding in baseball recently, the Braves will struggle to reach 70 wins.  They have lots of young talent in their farm system and have acquired a lot from other teams, but they are more than likely 2 to 3 years from competing in the East.  Braves fans will hope the new stadium will give them a spark next season.
5.  Philadelphia Phillies (61-101)
  • The Phillies have minimal talent, and frankly they are just bad.  I think once again they finish with the worst record in the Majors.
Will the Mets win the division?
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