NL West Predictions for the 2016 Season


1.  Colorado Rockies  (90-72)
  • OK, so some of my predicitions are probably far off and maybe even a little crazy, but this is where I fall completely off of the cliff, or the (Rocky) mountain so to speak.  For the most part the Rockies have been terrible since joining the league in 1993 with the exception of a World Series run in 2007 in which they fell short of taking home the trophy.   Even last year they lost 94 games and finished in last in the NL West.  As I typed that I almost thought to myself "what are you thinking?".  I'm not even sure why I think they might win.  On paper theire roster looks like a bottom of the league team, and they very well could be, but for some reason I think they win the West.  I'll let you know why I think that when I figure it out.
2.  Los Angeles Dodgers (88-74)
  • If not for thinking the Rockies win the division, I think the Dodgers would be at the top.  I feel like this team has underachieved for awhile but should still edge out the Miami Marlins for the final Wild Card spot in the NL.
3.  San Francisco Giants (84-78)
  •  The Giants are one of those teams that always seem to be in contention even when you might not expect them to be.  I don't see this season being any different.  I think they will hang around most of the season and probably even lead the West for a little while, but I think towards the end of the season they will start to slide back and miss the playoffs by just 3 games.
4.  Arizona Diamondbacks (75-87)
  •  The D-Backs improved their rotation tremendously with the acquisitions of Zach Grienke and Shelby Miller.   And their lineup is very hard hitting as well, but for some reason I think this team will underachieve.  If not, they may jump to the top of the NL West.
5.  San Diego Padres (70-92)
  • The Padres will be rebuilding and I don't expect them to do much this year,  70 games may be aiming high.
What are your predictions for the NL West?
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