72 Wins


The Golden State Warriors tied the NBA record for wins in a season set by the 1995-95 Chicago Bulls last night with a 92-86 victory in San Antonio.  That makes 3 times that the Warriors defeated the Spurs this regular season.  In typical Spurs fashion however, they are lamenting on this loss and are looking ahead to the playoffs, still believeing that they have a team that can make a run and beat the Warriors.
To break the record the Warriors will have to win in their final game against the Memphis Grizzlies.   David West, of the Spurs, was asked if he thinks the Warriors hold the advantage, "It's a whole different ball game in the playoffs".  LaMarcus Aldridge when talking about the Spurs play, "We definitely had some easy looks we didn't make.  We had some breakdowns defensively.  It's just about being sharp the whole game".

San Antonio definitely did not shoot the ball well against the Warriors, shooting only 37.8%.  While the Warriors shot 44.2% and Steph Curry contributed 37 points with 4 threes.  If these two teams matchup in the playoffs, which I think they will,  the Spurs are going to have to play great defense for the entire series as well as shoot much better than they did last night if they want to have a chance to beat the Warriors.  Otherwise the Warriors will be in the NBA Finals again this season.  With that being said I think that these two teams will matchup in the Western Conference Finals and I think the Spurs will pull off the upset in 7 games.